C'est Moi! when the rl fashion become... sl

Dear blog lovers, for some days I didn't post nothing cause i have been so much busy rl and sl but i am so happy to show you my last creations and pics some friend fashion bloggers did them!

After the creation of the most popular "short jacket for girls" a caslual trendy blazer i sold so much in shop, I wanted show you also the man version here in pics done by Paris Honi & Lollita olivieri from "Double Trouble" blog and by Trevor Turner and his fantastic and well done male blog!

Then other releases came in shop and new are just coming tho.. here some immages and references

Up here are two of my new summer tshirt for girls, ispried by Bershka (RL) summer line, hope you'll enjoy them! by C'est Moi shop!

tks to Criistinaa Chau for the pic

New arrivals are jusr ready to come but....follow the blog, come in shop or see my flickr account!!

Enjoy your sl day and Ourevoir! MB