Just alluring modesty, four corners events is arrived

Four Corners arrived!!! December 17th

Four corners event is arrived!!! Studied for showing new items designed following a specific theme by fab. designers.

Girls after weeks of works C'est Moi! is happy to present you the new items!!

Trendy, young casual and...alluring modesty? thinked for your cool avi 3 coloured shirts and 2 tones of jeans skirts!!!! for a modest price..

Simply Cool, just C'est Moi!


C'est Moi! trendy mix and matches

HI lovely cool girls..

I'm so happy to introduce you my last creations!

shirts, tanks, mix and match....enjoy them for your trendy, sexy, indie rock sl

Off shoulder batshirts (black and purple) and sexy, trendy glitter miniskirts (available in black, purple and grey)

Indie loose tanks...hand drawns items available in 6 beautifull colours!

and then...

Mix and match: flower cropped bustier (3tones of colours) and black cropped bustier



C'est Moi! it's Themeory time

Hi lovely! Do you remember it's themeory time!!!!

Every weekend a list of designers promove new items at only 75 linds!!
This is C'est Moi! turn and I thinked to show you a modified version of my jeans shorts that are having so success!! but...theese are coloured.. so high waist and..so kawaii? lol dunno but it's the theme this weekend.

Enjoy them!

And remember ..be cool, wear C'est Moi!


C'est Moi! new shoes and group gift...


Hi girls! After the shopping weekend with my gf in Lucca days ago, she asked me what kind of shoes I have in shop! and OMG I need more I thinked!

So tried do work on some particular shape and colour for creating some unique shoes.

Here I show you some immage..but hey new ideas are coming soon! so stay on alert!

And hey beauty what about a group gift? regreeting you all are supporting the store with
so much entusiasm!! ty all girls here the new GROUP GIFT

ok...that's all for now but remember hon...be cool, wear C'est Moi!


C'est Moi! Vintage jeans shorts..

Hi there girls, here I introduce you my new shorts!

So vintage, so cool, so C'est Moi!
Are available inshop in 4 fantasies: Polka, US, grey and blue.

Enjoy them and remember: Be cool, wear C'est moi!


Tartan and jeans tunik!!

Hi lovely, regreeting Double Trouble blog by Paris and Lolitta here I show you my last 2 releases: the Tartan and the Jeans tunik! Cool and vintage, released with sculpties are available in shop. I wanted also remember to all lovely girls that the flower version is available like group gift.

Waiting new releases? Be cool, wear C'est Moi!



C'est Moi! between trends, gifts and themeory!

Hi ladies, how are goin your hunts?

It's a funny time halloween, especially in sl...and for continuing this shopping time I would show you my last news, starting by the Themeory item: My halloween glutch

with pose/anim for AOs

Just 75 L$ you know, find it near the Themeory sign..It's not all!!

I finished in theese days the new exclusive group gift! My flower tunik: it is a sculpted floreal dress/shirt thinked for you my cool babe..Hey is free just joining the C'est Moi! group

and then?

C'est Moi! collection continue with the tartan blouses in 4 colours

Tartan is so trendy I know so...what about for a tartan tunic? and a jeans tunic?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/42238720@N02/ here more pics

Come to shopping in your favourite hip shop!..and remember Be Cool, wear C'est Moi!


Zombie popcorn hunt gift, by C'est Moi

For the perfect cool zombie ahhaha,COME TO TAKE YOUR SHORTS! and happy hunting!


C'est Moi! group gift..

Theese pumps i created for the Project themeory are now available free like Group gift....I am having them available for a short period of time so...hope u'll appreciate them!


C'est Moi! project themeory items

Hi all girls, I know i'm in late but had some rl problems and so..

Here i introduce my jungle pumps sold at only 75 linds during the weekend. What are you waiting hon? run run..

and remember be cool, wear C'est Moi!


C'est Moi! and make him over hunt!

C'est Moi! show the new line for men running at the make him over hunt!!

Be cool wear C'est Moi! now for you too guys!

C'est Moi! the Fashion Garret summer edition

Fashion victim tshirt: trendy cool, just C'est Moi!


C'est Moi! when the rl fashion become... sl

Dear blog lovers, for some days I didn't post nothing cause i have been so much busy rl and sl but i am so happy to show you my last creations and pics some friend fashion bloggers did them!

After the creation of the most popular "short jacket for girls" a caslual trendy blazer i sold so much in shop, I wanted show you also the man version here in pics done by Paris Honi & Lollita olivieri from "Double Trouble" blog and by Trevor Turner and his fantastic and well done male blog!

Then other releases came in shop and new are just coming tho.. here some immages and references

Up here are two of my new summer tshirt for girls, ispried by Bershka (RL) summer line, hope you'll enjoy them! by C'est Moi shop!

tks to Criistinaa Chau for the pic

New arrivals are jusr ready to come but....follow the blog, come in shop or see my flickr account!!

Enjoy your sl day and Ourevoir! MB


Twinke Night Bazaar 2011

Woot?!? a new great event is waiting you girls!!

  今年もTwinkle Night Bazaarを開催します。









  ■fliker Group:http://www.flickr.com/groups/twinklenightbazaar/

  このイベントに関してのお問い合わせは、「flexagons Villota」まで

  20110625 flexagons Villota

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  Twinkle Night Bazaar will be held this year too.

  This event theme is Tanabata of Japanese traditional event.
  Familiar in Japan. (wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata)
  However, This event join you for many of the world's designers.

  Enjoy the Tanabata event from worldwide!

  For more information on the event are as follows.

  ■Start Date:June 30th 8:00 am PDT

  ■End Date:July 11th 0:00 am PDT

  ■Place:Will guide you in the blog.
  ■Official Blog:http://tnb2011.slmame.com/

  ■List of participating stores:http://tnb2011.slmame.com/e1108152.html

  ■ fliker Group:http://www.flickr.com/groups/twinklenightbazaar/
          ※Participation and posts to the group can be anyone.

  If you have question to about this event,
  Please contact to flexagons Villota.

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C'est Moi!

Twinkle Night Bazaar 2011


hey there it's My bf jeans..(or better mine)

C'est Moi! shop

Here the new hand drawn vintage jeans where i searched to give it a more realistic immage possible! it's with sculpted belt..enjoy it.

My short jacket!

C'est Moi! shop

Trendy, cool, for fashion victims!

Availabe with and without cuffs in 4 tones, dots, flowers, leopard, hearts

Be cool, wear C'est Moi!



C'est moi! Popart dress, only for fashion victims

Trendy and chic, it's the last release by C'est Moi! it's the popart dress, thinked for you my lovely fashion victim!


C'est Moi! shop, New exclusive group gift dress

La vie en blanc with sculpted stole and belt! available touching the vendor you will found in shop!!

Do attention lovely! soon are coming unisex gifts too and the old striped dress will be available not in shop but with group notecard!

PS: the group is since now under fees! tho.. you can join it again under the payment of only 75 linds


C'est Moi! new men clothes

...and finally the man line is continuing to be more bigger yay!


C'est Moi! My girlfriend saturday dress

Hi lovely, since today at C'est Moi! shop you can found a new dress yay!

My gf saturday dress:

a new basic dress thinked for your sl nightlife.

Cool, trendy and young...just C'est Moi!


dress and shoes: C'est Moi!

skin: Elisa cherry LPD

hairs: Le Lutka

pose: del May


C'est Moi! Exclusive quality group gift dress..

Join the group clicking on the LOGO, touch this screen and keep the dress yay!

enjoy it

Available only at the mainstore!

Only for this week the group is free! Next week it will start with a fee and new quality group gift!

What are you waiting? run!


C'est Moi! exclusive group gift

Heya girls a little gift for my lovely new group!

Wear the stars in your sl...wear oh my stars leggings

Join C'est Moi! group and take them yay


Is continuing the stripes Mania!! by C'est Moi!

Stripes stripes and.........flowers! new dresses by C'est Moi!

pictures made by Anne Dakun





C'est Moi! my Basic pumps...colour of fashion your feets!

Hi there lovely...C'est Moi! is continuing the shoes line working on pumps:




My new minidresses!!! yay

High waisted skirts, sculpted belts and so pretty tops..my new dresses are thinked for you my trendy cool girl! At the moment you can find them in 2 colours versions ..yellow/blue and yellow/brown.
Happy shopping!